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ISOVER SA has specifically developed a Glasswool solution to meet the demands of local household oven manufacturers. This solution procures excellent thermal insulation performance in combination with a high level of safety.

Insulation is an essential part of household ovens

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 Household ovens are at the heart of every kitchen. To meet the demands of modern families and businesses, they must have optimum energy efficiency and be safe to use. 

One of the primary functions of the insulation in a household oven is to reduce the risk of fire and to ensure that surface temperatures of the appliances will be low and safe to use for the end user. 

However, as a result of growing environmental concerns and government incentives, energy savings in household appliances are now under the spotlight. Many manufacturers present on the market are supplying appliances that achieve the higher energy efficiency classes, such as A, or  A+++ or even A-30%. This however brings about  some  challenges for the design of  these appliances due  to the need of increasing the thickness of insulation required.

Manufacturers must constantly improve quality, performance, productivity and competitiveness to stay ahead. Insulation of ovens is essential thereby reducing the thermal losses through the side walls of the appliance.

Insulation helps to optimize energy efficiency of household appliances such as ovens by allowing the maximum amount of heat to be used in the cooking / baking process.

 ISOVER, the best partner for sustainable solutions

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As the worldwide leading insulation manufacturer, ISOVER has developed the most effective insulation solutions for optimizing energy efficiency of household appliances.

ISOVER SA has specifically developed a Glasswool solution with an acrylic binder to supply the local oven manufacturers.
With very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ISOVER SA Glasswool solution combines excellent thermal performance with high operating temperatures, up to 500°C.

Thanks to its worldwide customer base, ISOVER has built up a wide knowledge of the production constrains of appliance manufacturers, including performance, product customization, working methods and logistics.

It is as a result of our commitment to satisfy our customers' needs, coupled with the quality of our products, that ISOVER is one of the main insulation suppliers of the worldwide household appliance manufacturers.

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