Providing the high levels of acoustic and thermal performance needed in today's automotive industry, ISOVER mineral wool products have been developed to meet the specific needs of every car and truck manufacturer.

Thinking insulation for Cars & Trucks

Cars and trucks are essential to our everyday lives. Whether for work or leisure, it is crucial that our vehicles operate with optimal efficiency and provide a safe environment in which to travel. Effective insulation is therefore needed to reduce noise and to limit fire risk and heat loss. Growing environmental concerns and safety regulations are putting increasing pressure on every manufacturer, and in turn placing new challenges on automotive insulation.

Producers must constantly improve quality, performance, productivity and competitiveness - and it is here that insulation plays an important role.

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ISOVER, the best partner for sustainable solutions

As the world's leading insulation manufacturer, ISOVER has worked with manufacturers to develop state-of-the-art insulation solutions that optimise acoustic and thermal efficiency in cars and trucks. ISOVER glasswool automotive solutions meet the highest standards of performance, combining excellent acoustic and thermal efficiency, with fire safety and mechanical durability. Through its worldwide customer base, ISOVER has a unique understanding of the needs of automotive parts producers and is able to address every issue from performance, to product customisation, working methods and logistics.
It is through quality products and our total commitment to customer satisfaction that we have developed strong partnerships with all of the leading car and truck manufacturers.

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