Fire protection

Fire protection

The new construction standard

Performance requirements in the marine and shipbuilding industries are becoming ever more challenging. Driving this is the increasing focus on safety on board, with fire protection a key issue for shipbuilders and contractors.

Fire protection


ULTIMATE is a new generation of mineral wool. The result of a extensive research and development programme, ULTIMATE encapsulates and demonstates the full innovative abilities of ISOVER, the world's leading insulation company. This unique range of products meets the highest standards of fire protection, including excellent levels of performance in both Reaction to fire and Fire resistance

Ideal fire protection with ULTIMATE

ULTIMATE offers state-of-the-art fire resistance solutions for marine standard constructions. The highly streamlined ULTIMATE product range covers all high-performance product requirements, as well as delivering logistical savings and facilitating installation on site.


Steel deck

Weight reduction of up to 50% for fire insulation of steel constructions with ULTIMATE slabs. Depending on the construction, ULTIMATE rolls may also be used for safer and more economic installation.


Aluminium deck

Weight saving of up to 21% when insulating light aluminium constructions. Very fast installation thanks to flexibility of ULTIMATE slabs that can be simply bent around stiffeners. Highest safety: fire protection to A 60 standard.


Steel bulkhead

Up to 45% weight saving when insulating steel bulkhead constructions. Very fast installation as ULTIMATE product simply bent around stiffeners. ULTIMATE rolls or slabs may be used, depending on the specification.


Aluminium bulkhead

Up to 40% weight saved with A 60 fire protection insulation. Space-saving solution as the slabs can be bent around stiffeners. Faster and more efficient installation compared to alternative solutions.


Floating floor

Fire protection insulation with weight saving of up to 50%, i.e. up to 4.5 kg/m2. Shorter installation time due to single-layer solution, although double-layer solutions can be used if required. Can be finished with steel sheets or floating screeds.