Marine applications overview

ISOVER Insulation solutions for marine and offshore - tailored to your needs.

In many marine applications ISOVER mineral wool products help to fulfil the challenging requirements laid down in IMO rules and regulations. Whether in shipbuilding or offshore, in accommodation areas or technical installations, our wide range of tested and certified marine products and constructions provide innovative thermal insulation, fire and sound protection solutions, specially developed for marine applications.

Fire protection performance requirements are becoming more than ever a key issue for shipbuilders and contractors.
Unique efficiency combined with light weight. ISOVER Marine Insulation Products provide high levels of thermal insulation.
The Isover range ensures improved acoustic comfort due to its excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties.
ISOVER advanced insulation for HVAC systems, as well as insulation for on-board technical equipment in marine environments.
A wide range of ISOVER solutions are available for specialist OEM Marine constructions in even the most demanding environm...
With the ISOVER Sea-line product range we offer solutions for Offshore 'pipe-in-pipe' applications.
Sub-sea pipelines and specialist industrial pipework.