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CINI revises its insulation manual and includes ULTIMATE


ULTIMATE is a new generation mineral wool with excellent thermal performance developed for high temperature applications. The unique ULTIMATE patented technology results in virtually shot free products which offers additional features such as outstanding flexibility and equivalent or better thermal performance when compared to Stonewool products at half the weight.

CINI (Committee Industrial Insulation Standards) is a Dutch organization recognized internationally for its industrial insulation standards in the process, power plants and petrochemical industries. The CINI Committee recently revised its specifications in preparation for the 2014 CINI manual. Prior to making any changes, CINI conducted customer surveys, analyzed the various product ranges on the market and their technical performance, looked at new market standards and regulations, certification and also looked at reference projects.

This in-depth analysis saw new thermal performance classes being added into the CINI manual material datasheets as well as references to EN Standards. ISOVER’s ULTIMATE product range for high temperature industrial applications is fully compliant with the new CINI requirements. The inclusion of the ULTIMATE product range came together with a change in the specification previously related to density of the mineral wool, which is now no longer considered by CINI as a minimum requirement. This is seen as one of ULTIMATE’s advantages as a low density and light weight product compared to rock wool, however offering the same or better thermal performance.

The new CINI insulation specification highlights ULTIMATE’s strengths as it lists it as a reference for industrial insulation.