ISOVER offers a wide range of high performance insulation solutions to meet the various demands of the industrial market.

ISOVER has drawn on its long experience in mineral wool insulation and close relationships with industrial companies to developp  ranges of insulation solutions that meet  the demands of this market.

ISOVER industrial insulation solutions  satisfy a wide range of requirements, with Energylite glasswool solutions  for insulation of tanks and vessels with surface temperature  up to 250-300°C, and high temperature resistant ULTIMATE mineral wool solutions for applications where higher thermal performance and greater mechanical strength is required  for temperatures up to 650-700°C.

ISOVER comprehensive range of mineral wool solutions for industrial applications will provide an adapted answer to your needs – high thermal performance, acoustic insulation, passive fire protection, superior compression strength, resistance to vibrations, low chloride content …

 The table below will give you some guideline to know which insulation material to choose preferentially depending on the operating  temperature :

Product Group
Low temperature / Acoustic
High temperature / Mechanical resistance

Temperature Arrow

Wired mattresses
ULTIMATE high temperature resistant mineral wool: The new standard for high performance
Glasswool insulation solutions: Best purchasing value for above ambient and cryogenic applications