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Cryogenic storage

Cryogenic tanks - keep it cool with White Wool and the CRYOLENE range of solutions from ISOVER

Industry Cryogenic Storage

Tank design specifications to store cryogenic fluids such as Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), liquid oxygen or nitrogen for chemical or combustion processes, are not only highly demanding in terms of construction, but also in terms of the insulation systems  required. With the tank volume expanding and contracting depending on the level of liquid inside, the insulation must offer high compressibility and resiliency levels.

To meet these requirements, ISOVER international has developed the unique Cryolene range for the insulation of tank walls and roofs in cryogenic applications.

Cryolene products are highly resilient Glasswool blankets designed to retain their fibre elasticity over time at temperatures ranging from -170°C to +120°C. Different solutions have been developed for tank shells and suspended deck insulation. The Cryolene products come in rolls  and are easy and fast to install, with reduced thermal bridges.

Different facings, such as reinforced glass tissue or reinforced aluminium foil, give Cryolene products high tensile strength.

The properties and performance of Cryolene have been extensively tested by external laboratories, and the products   have been used  worldwide, in chemical and LNG applications.

ISOVER international has developped  the CRYOLENE range, for cryogenic applications, which  can be  imported from Europe. 

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