The insulation of industrial equipment and processes requires special attention to ensure that the performance parameters required are defined during the design  phase. It is also vitally important to ensure that the correct products are specified and installed. 

ISOVER has been working closely with industrial process designers and operators for years to develop solutions that answer their insulation needs.

The Isover ULTIMATE U Thermo range is a new generation mineral wool products portfolio which solution products that are specially designed for industrial applications.

They are highly flexibility, offer ease of installation, robustness and are perfectly adapted to withstand high temperatures.

The ULTIMATE solutions have been tested under the additional constrains of daily stresses of vessel expansion and contraction, vibrations and fluctuating temperatures.

ULTIMATE main features & benefits:

  • excellent thermal performance
  • designed to operate at a wide range of temperatures (up to 700°C )
  • provides excellent acoustics to enable optimal noise level control 
  • improved safety for  the plant staff
  • light weight   and easy to handle
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Optimal noise level control offering -unheard advantages
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Isover has a full range of high temperature insulation solutions that offer added benefits for plant economy and efficieny.
ISOVER offers customised and multi-purpose insulation solutions for process equipment.