Environmentally safe solutions

Indoor air quality is directly related to the products that are part of the HVAC ducts assembly – it is essential to use insulation solutions that will be neutral or will contribute positively to the indoor air quality. ISOVER encourages controlled ventilation to maintain adequate air quality while reducing energy consumption.

HVAC Indoor Air Quality

A robot is cleaning a CLIMAVER air duct

In general, the main parameters that influence the Indoor Air Quality of a building are:

  • Thermal comfort in the rooms - This is mainly affected by the air temperature inside the rooms and by humidity levels. In order to achieve the desired levels of thermal comfort, the insulation used on the system transporting air or water is crucial. In addition to this, thermal insulation and effective air tightness in ducts will contribute to energy savings.
  • Renewal of the air - Renewal of air is critical in order to ensure a constant flow of fresh air inside a building.
  • Noise levels - Transport of fluids in ducts or pipes may generate turbulences that can cause undesired noise. Correct design of the installation together with effective insulation solutions will help to control and minimise any undesired noise.
  • Capacity to clean and maintain the installation - All elements in the installation (units, ducts, etc…) should be maintained periodically and cleaned if necessary. The design of the HVAC installation should allow for easy inspection and cleaning in order to ensure that the air supplied is free of pollutants or contaminants.

ISOVER HVAC solutions limit the sources of pollutants and the use of Isover insulation products are not hazardous to health. They comply with existing requirements for indoor air quality. ISOVER HVAC insulation solutions are not hazardous to health, are safe to handle and to install in a home or in an office and some allow cleaning.

ISOVER HVAC solutions are environmental friendly and will procure a safe and quiet environment.

ISOVER Glasswool solutions are produced using a combination of silica sand, the world’s most abundant naturally occurring mineral and up to 80% recycled glass,they achieve as well:

- Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
- Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential)

ISOVER mineral wool based products feature excellent acoustic absorption and will contribute to creating a peaceful and quiet indoor environment.
As shown by the tests carried out in accordance with EN 13403, CLIMAVER duct systems do not facilitate the development of micro-organisms or mould, thus preventing air contamination.

ISOVER HVAC insulation systems contribute to the creation of the best indoor air quality.