ISOVER – Different mineral wool insulation materials for different applications

ISOVER HVAC solutions have been designed to adapt specifically  to each application. Their performance rely on the ISOVER Glasswool and ULTIMATE mineral wools which are naturally non-combustible, lightweight and have outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties, thanks to the technologically advanced fiberizing process of ISOVER (TEL process). 

ISOVER Glasswool, and ULTIMATE solutions come in various forms, including flexible rolls, slabs of varying density and rigidity as well as preformed pipe sections.
The choice between Glasswool and ULTIMATE mineral wool depends on shape, characteristics and targeted applications.

For HVAC applications,   Glasswool solutions satisfy most requirements, as they provide a perfect balance between excellent thermal insulation, optimal acoustic performance, and lightness for ease of handling and installation.

Where effective fire protection is required, ULTIMATE mineral wool is the obvious choice, as it combines the many benefits of standard Isover Glasswool in terms of insulation, with excellent fire resistance properties.

ISOVER’s comprehensive range of mineral wool solutions for industrial applications will provide an adapted answer to any need – high thermal performance, acoustic insulation, passive fire protection, resistance to vibrations, low chloride content …

Whether you choose a Glasswool or ULTIMATE solution, we can guarantee excellent thermo-acoustic performance and fire reaction properties as mineral wool products are non-combustible which is beneficial when compared to organic foams.

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