Flexible ductwork systems

Flexible ducts generally attach air outlets to rigid ductwork. The round ducts are made up of ISOVER Glasswool sandwiched between layers of robust plastic, with coil wires for rigidity.

Isover Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducts are primarily used for attaching supply air outlets (diffusers and grids) to the rigid ductwork. In most cases, local regulations limit their length to a maximum of 1.5 m because of the lower thermal and acoustic performance compared to rigid ducts and the high pressure losses they cause. They are however very practical and easy to install.

The ISOVER Glasswool insulation base for flexible ducts is certified as non-combustible and will ensure that finished flexible ducts conform to South African national fire regulations regarding HVAC ducts.

ISOVER SA does not manufacture the complete flexible ducts but can supply local manufacturers with the Glasswool base which is used as a core for the flexible ducts.

Product description
Fire rating
Thermal conductivity at ambient (k or λ-value in mW/m.K)
Key benefits
Local product name*
Glasswool base for flexible duct*
 37 or greater
Low Cost installation

*For further information on this insulation product base for flexible ducts, please contact ISOVER SA.