External insulation for metal ductwork

HVAC metal ductwork requires thermal insulation to reduce heat loss, avoid condensation and improve comfort. DUCTWRAP, a flexible Glasswool blanket which is wrapped externally around the ducts, is the insulation solution which is most commonly used for this application.

Insulated metal ductwork

ISOVER Ductwrap solutions come in the form of blankets specifically designed to be wrapped around air conditioning ducts. The products are applied to the external face of the ductwork and fixed into position mechanically with wire, elastic bands or most commonly, tape.

The mats are manufactured from high quality, non-combustible Glasswool fibres, bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder and faced with a reinforced  Aluminium foil facing that acts as a vapour barrier. A 100mm overlapping flange is provided on one side for a neater appearance and adequate seal.

ISOVER duct insulation solutions provide a range of thermal benefits including heat/energy savings, improved thermal comfort and condensation prevention, as well as providing acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission through the ductwork system. Ductwrap is  lightweight and easy to install, and can be used in environments with a relatively high humidity.

The ISOVER Ductwrap Glasswool solution is certified as non-combustible and complies with South African fire regulation for HVAC ducts insulation (tested to 10 1777 Part 5). They have a Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

Duct External Insulation Duct Wrap South Africa

Product description
Fire rating
Thermal conductivity(k or λ-value in mW/m.K)
Key benefits
Local product names*
Glasswool blanket with aluminium facing
Non Combustible
(10 177 Part 5)
Good thermal insulation,
good acoustic absorption

* For information on ISOVER products with improved fire resistance / stability performance, refer to Fire Resistant Ducts .