HVAC ducts and pipes are essential parts of HVAC installations; distributing air and thermal fluids. They have a major influence on users' comfort and energy savings..

ISOVER provides a full range of solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ducts and pipes. Developed to meet the needs of the installer and building user, ISOVER HVAC products are designed for different building characteristics and uses. They help in improving thermal and acoustic comfort,  maximising energy savings and contribute to a safer working and living environment.

The ISOVER HVAC range comprises:

  • External ducts insulation
  • Internal ducts insulation
  • Self-supporting Glasswool duct systems
  • Insulation for fire resistant ductwork
  • Pipe sections
  • Flexible ducts

Ducts external insulation
HVAC metal ductwork requires thermal insulation to reduce heat loss, avoid condensation and improve comfort. DUCTWRAP, a f...
Ductliners for ducts internal insulation
In addition to thermal insulation, metal ductwork often requires optimal acoustic insulation to prevent noise transmission...
HVAC pipes distribute hot and chilled water and other refrigerants throughout the system. The use of ISOVER Glasswool pref...
Flexible ducts
Flexible ducts generally attach air outlets to rigid ductwork. The round ducts are made up of ISOVER Glasswool sandwiched...
Fire safety should be a key consideration in the design of all HVAC installations. Fire resistant ducts are the best way t...
Isover CLIMAVER self-supporting ducts
CLIMAVER is a complete self-supporting Glasswool insulated HVAC duct system made by shaping special high density glasswool...