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Train Metro of Saõ Paulo


CLIMAVER System was chosen to complete the new refurbishment of the Metro line 3 of Saõ Paulo.

Since the beginning of April, passengers from Sao Paulo's Metro Line 3 enjoy the completely new refurbished wagons of the trains. The almost 30 years metro line was enhanced by the built in of new air conditioning systems, security cameras and new layouts inside the wagons. A total of 98 compositions that include the line 1 and line 3 and that will be delivered by 2014.

ISOVER Brazil has supplied CLIMAVER Plus Systems for the air conditioning, replacing the sheet metal ducts insulated with elastomeric foams. The resulting systems, faster to install and with better acoustic properties will ensure costs reductions in the use of air conditioning.

There are four consortia in this upgrade project, plus new compositions industrialized by CAF (new factory in Brazil). One of these companies is ALSTOM, a french group specialized in sustainable power generation and transportation. It is the first time that the CLIMAVER system was used in this kind of application (trains). Considering the very good results obtained in Brazil with the CLIMAVER system application, ALSTOM is planing to use the same specification for the other projects of the company in China and in India.

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