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3 Years in a row: ISOVER ranked A1 supplier for the solar market by Wolf Cie, Germany


For the 3rd consecutive year, ISOVER is recognized as a first choice partner by the German company Wolf thanks to ULTIMATE Solar Easy Roll performances


2012 came to a close with good news for ISOVER G+H, it has just been rated A1 level supplier by Wolf Company, Germany leading firm for heating, HVAC and solar solutions. This is the best rating Wolf ever gives to its supplier.

Wolf produces every year some 70.000 solar collectors insulated with 140.000m2 of ISOVER ULTIMATE Solar Easy Roll.

Logistics made simpler, easy handling and thermal performances are the main elements that convinced the German firm to work with ISOVER Easy Roll products. But the ultimate reason that explains this new rating is the unique environmental balance provided by ISOVER products.

Thanks to Wolf’s switch from traditional solar panels to ULTIMATE Easy Roll, no less than 100 trucks could be saved in 2012 and, besides logistical advantages, this contributed to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 54 tons per year.

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