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New U Marine Wired Mat - ULTIMATE protection for shipbuilders


U MARINE WIRED MAT is the latest addition to ISOVER's Marine insulation range, further extending the choice of lightweight high performance insulation solutions now available for shipbuilding applications.

Brochure U Marine Wired Mat

The innovative new product, joins ULTIMATE rolls, slabs and pipe insulation in providing exceptional levels of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation performance at up to 50% of the weight of traditional solutions. It opens up a whole range of exciting opportunities to reduce weight and increase payloads.

High performance U MARINE WIRED MAT fulfils fire protection requirements up to A 60 for steel, aluminium and composite constructions, and is easier and quicker to install around pipes, tanks and other equipment, saving both time and cost for the contractor and client.

The combination of light weight and compressed packaging also means that rolls are easier and more convenient to carry and manoevre in confined areas aboard ship. They also require less storage space and less transportation space, which helps to cut transportation volumes and transport related CO2 emissions.

For more information, contact: Mark.Westermayer(at)