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Celebrity Equinox and A-ROSA Aqua insulated with ISOVER ULTIMATE


The two latest ships to leave Meyer's German construction yard are sailing with high performance ULTIMATE mineral wool on board


Papenburg, Germany

The two impressive new ships, both of which have recently started operation, represent the two ends of the luxury cruising spectrum. The 122,000 tonnes Celebrity Equinox will carry up to 2850 passengers in ultimate comfort to the world's most exclusive cruise destinations, whilst the 202-passenger A-ROSA Aqua has been designed for passengers who wish to cruise the Rhine and other German rivers in the height of luxury.

The requirements for both ships were very similar, however, with passenger safety and comfort at the top of the agenda. For this reason, ISOVER ULTIMATE was used to provide improved fire safety, energy saving and acoustic comfort, as well as high standards of thermal insulation throughout.

 Developed to combine the excellent thermal and acoustic properties of glasswool with the advanced fire performance of stonewool, ULTIMATE Marine products also provide all of the benefits of a lightweight solution, including easy handling, fast installation and high compressibility. This makes them easy and quick to manhandle and fit in areas where space is limited.

The significant savings in weight that can be achieved also help to reduce fuel usage, making vessels more economic and environmentally beneficial to operate.

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