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2014 World Cup: ISOVER, major player for stadiums' air conditioning systems


ISOVER contributes to the World Cup preparation with its unique air-conditioning equipments: CLIMAVER

ISOVER insulated stadium

2014 is fast approaching and Brazil is getting ready, building the stadiums that will welcome thousands of fans during the World Cup. Many of these impressive arenas are using Saint-Gobain ISOVER products including the São Paulo arena, called the “Corinthians” stadium, that will open the competition, and the “Mineirão” stadium, in Belo Horizonte.

Both projects are using CLIMAVER Plus products for their air-conditioning ducts, respectively 17.000 m²  and 15.000 m² They also obtained the LEED* certification. 

 *Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: standardization system created by the US Green Building Council for high environmental quality buildings.