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Sound absorption in Marine Shipbuilding

The Isover ULTIMATE range ensures improved acoustic comfort due to its excellent sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

Pleasant voyage with ULTIMATE quietness

Marine Acoustic Absoprtion Picture

Innovative theatre area aboard AIDA cruise vessel

On board acoustic insulation standards - especially in passenger ships - are continuously rising. With Isover ULTIMATE products it is easy to make that decisive leap forward and provide state-of-the art acoustic solutions. With acoustic insulation properties improved by up to 50%, this high-performance insulation is clearly a massive step ahead of traditional solutions.

With Isover ULTIMATE you can achieve identical sound absorption properties at only around half the weight of traditional stone wool - saving you time and weight. And your passengers and crew? With Isover ULTIMATE they get improved acoustic comfort due to its high-level sound absorption properties and very good sound reduction. Unheard-of advantages for you and your passengers.

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Air flow resistance (DIN EN 29053) kPa×s/m²
24 - 30 (kg/m³): ≥ 13
30 - 50 (kg/m³): ≥ 5
40 - 50 (kg/m³): ≥ 30
70 (kg/m³): ≥ 18
60 - 70 (kg/m³): ≥ 48
100 (kg/m³): ≥ 25
80 -100 (kg/m³): ≥ 70
120 (kg/m³): ≥ 35

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