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ISOVER focuses on energy saving for industry


ISOVER focuses on energy saving for industry.

As a founding member of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), technical insulation specialist, ISOVER, is helping to bring the full potential of sustainable insulation solutions to the attention of key economic and political policy makers.

Through its support for EiiF, ISOVER is also working, through consultation, education and further training, to help initiate the implementation of real projects that will serve to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable insulation solutions in addressing the current global environmental crisis.

The EiiF is a non-commercial, non-profit organisation, which was founded to help further the aim of improving energy saving and reducing CO2 emissions to help the environment, through the use of sustainable insulation solutions.

It organises a range of communication activities, co-ordinates European activities to increase energy efficiency and publishes the latest news and best practice examples on energy saving through insulation. It also cooperates with other national and international associations to help fight the climate crisis.

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