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ISOVER U Tech Wired Mats - High performance for high temperatures proven in practice at power station.


Introduced during last year as part of the ULTIMATE industry range, ISOVER's high performance flexible U Tech Wired Mats are continuing to delight customers in a range of industrial high temperature applications.

ULTIMATE cuts power station insulation thickness by 40%

Less than a year after its launch, ISOVER’s innovative ULTIMATE U Tech Wired Mat has proved itself in practice, reducing by 40% the insulation thicknesses required for hot water and steam tanks at Germany’s Bamburg power station.

Whilst the original specifications for the 70m3 hot water tank and adjacent 45m3 hot steam tank called for 200mm and 300mm stonewool insulation, plant engineers found that by using ISOVER’s high performing U Tech Wired Mat 5.0, insulation thickness could be reduced by 40% to 120mm and 160mm without any reduction in thermal insulation or fire protection performance.

This proved to be a major benefit to the installers who, faced with serious space constraints on site, were able to save one of the three originally planned insulation layers.


The unique light weight and flexibility of the U Tech Wired Mat also meant that installation was quicker and easier, helping to cut the overall project time.

ISOVER U Tech products are manufactured using an innovative process which produces a high temperature glass mineral wool that combines the excellent thermal and acoustic properties of standard glasswool with the high temperature performance of traditional stonewool. The resulting insulation achieves its performance at up to half of the thickness and weight of equivalent stonewool, offering major benefits for weight critical or space limited installations.

As well as helping to overcome the on-site space limitation issues, the reduced thickness of U Tech Wired Mat provided additional savings in metal cladding, due to the reduced total surface area.

The savings realised as a result of using new U Tech Wired mat enabled the designers to replace the standard galvanised blank sheet metal cladding with a state-of-the-art, technically advanced coated profile sheet cladding, within the original budgeted cost, reinforcing the innovative nature of the new installation.

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