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TechCalc - Thermal Calculation Software for Technical Insulation

ISOVER has designed an advanced thermal calculation tool to help industrial planners, design engineers, insulation contractors and end users to choose the correct insulation solution. 

TechCalc- Quick and easy to use, highly versatile

TechCalcThermal Calculation Software

TechCalcThermal Calculation Software

Calculating thermal performances is a very demanding and time  consuming process .Decades of design expertise have enabled ISOVER to develop the TechCalc software a thermal calculation tool which ensures reliable results for industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors who want to design thermal efficient systems .

ISOVER TechCalc calculations are performed according to ISO 12241, and supporting engineering norms such as VDI 2055.

The calculation parameter details are entered via a user friendly interface which generates automatic reports and enables the user to carry out a wide variety of different type of calculations:

• Thermal heat flow and surface temperature.
• Insulation thickness depending on thermal heat flow and/or surface temperature.
• Calculation of operating costs
• CO2 emission savings and pay-back time of insulation systems.
• Calculation of insulation system savings compared to uninsulated alternatives.
• Minimum insulation levels require to prevent condensation.
• Drop in temperature over time of inactive/stored fluid.
• Temperature drop along a pipeline.
• Effect of moisture accumulation on U values and R values in cooling and refrigeration pipelines.
• Prevent water from freezing in pipes.
• Heat loss calculation of underground pipes.

Main features of the software:

• Multi-language, multiple version (English, South African version, French, German, Spanish…)
• User friendly
• A  pre-set database (products performance, yearly average climatic conditions of various locations, physical parameters of various gas and liquids,etc…)
• Automatically generates a pdf report summarizing the results
•  Possibility of customisation by creating and adding  in information in the database
... and much more!


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