ISOVER Technical Insulation

The insulation activity of Saint-Gobain has been manufacturing products for thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection of buildings and technical installations since 1937.

A comprehensive range of insulation materials

ISOVER has been producing glasswool and stonewool in roll, slab, pipe sections, crimped or wired mat and loose wool form for more than 70 years - although today's technically advanced products bear little resemblance to their early predecessors.

A continuous programme of product and process innovation and development means that today's Isover insulation range offers the most advanced solutions for buildings, as well as for a wide range of more demanding technical insulation requirements in the Marine, Industrial, HVAC and Original Equipment markets.

Never satisfied with today's solutions, ISOVER's research and development teams are continually developing new ideas which reach new standards of performance and safety for customers.

For example ULTIMATE, a groundbreaking new mineral wool for fire protection applications that combines the many performance benefits of advanced glasswool products with the high temperature and fire safe operation abilities of stonewool products.

Glasswool insulation : The high performing insulation
ISOVER stonewool - the high strength alternative
ULTIMATE - an innovative mineral wool combining the performance benefits of glass...